Self Reminder: Happy

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Self Reminder: Happy

Make your own happiness.
Be nice to all people, although they treat you opposite. Its their problem, not our.

Let go of whatever will ruin your happiness.
Nothing to lose.
Don't worry too much.
Don't expect too much.
Don't overthinking.
Its kill you.

Meet your golden memories: old friends. Its not about quantity, but quality :)
Having great time and nonstopable chit-chat: family. Who always be there for you, since you born :)
Enjoy your daily laugh and conversation: everyday-meet-peoples. Today-friends. They are one of your reasons to smile everyday. Quantity make quality :)

Best of what you can give to people who enter to your live are your time and love.

Its about perspective how you see something. World will be different once you change the way you see.